Monday, 9 January 2017

Fish & Chips 080117

It was great to see a good turnout for this our first chance to meet up this year, 22 of our members gathered at the Welcome fryer in South Molton, there would have been more but Keiths wife Di broke two fingers whilst demonstrating to Keith how to exit the patio door 2017 style!, get well soon gal. The usual meaningful conversations took place and from what I saw a good time was had by all. I enclose a few photo's so that you can see where some of those extra pounds came from, now the first run of the year will be 12th March at the Corn Dolly and our next club night is Jan 19th where we shall see a film of some lucky? souls touring India on Enfields. It just remains to thank the Welcome Fryer staff who open especially for us and do a lovely meal.
What are you going to have?

Ian's 'pouring' over the menu

great change from Turkey


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Annual dinner 2016

It seems only a few weeks ago that we set out on our 2016 calendar of events but here we were today at our penultimate event in this years calendar - our annual dinner and trophy presentations. 34 section and family members met at the Tiverton hotel for a 1230 start. We had our usual Topaz suite so we were on our own and able to pop the supplied party pops and screaming balloons to our hearts content, we were pleased that our President Rodney Hann  and Carol had accepted our request to join us for the event also. There was slight confusion at the start when it appeared that Turkey was not on the menu despite Chris having been given a menu beforehand which showed that it was, however apologies were soon given and turkey was added. At each table setting, Chris had placed a calendar of events sheet for 2017, this had been worked out by the committee in October, he received praise from Dermot for putting an Ariel on the cover and from myself and others for the fact that it was particularly well laid out this year. Dermot welcomed all to the dinner and advised that his personal secretary had drawn up a quiz which we could have a go at between mouthfuls, as with all quizzes, this led to much head scratching, answers were to come later. Now whilst my meal and Marilyn's were very good, it seems there was much to be desired on an adjacent table with the quality of the food so the committee will discuss this at our next meeting, I hope this did not stem your enjoyment of the event too much. After the coffee, Dermot spoke, examining the years events and the challenges of navigation, it appears that when one loses the way, an ice cream makes it all better!.
Three trophies were then presented, they were: most points on a Post war vintage machine won by Ian Boyd, most points on a post war machine jointly won by Tony Petherick and yours truly, and most points on a foreign bike was won by Maurice Ley, unfortunately, Ian Boyd and Maurice Ley were not in attendance so Rodney had a quieter time than he thought, however I was personally pleased to be presented with my cup by Rodney wearing his chain of office. Marilyn, and Steve's wife Jo, won the quiz and share the prize of biscuits, well done ladies!. A good selection of draw prizes were then given out resulting in £63 being taken. It just remains for me to thank everyone who came, to Chris who did a grand job organizing the day and to Rodney and Carol for agreeing to attend. We have one more event this year which is our December club night on the 15th for mince pies and an end of year natter.
no party hats this year

discussing where the screaming balloon came from

who did what this year?

top table!

the quiz winners find the answers

not often I'm in front of camera

Friday, 18 November 2016

The Club Christmas Lunch

Hi Folks,
For those that have booked to come to the Christmas Lunch, here is a copy of the Menu.
If you have not yet booked there is still time to do so. Please show your support for the Club and come along to this very enjoyable event. Book with Keith on 01884 257942

Traditional Devonshire Turkey with all the Trimmings
Roast Topside of Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
Braised Pheasant in Red Wine with Root Vegetables
Baked Fillet of Salmon served with Baby Vegetables and Marinated Fennel
Roasted Chickpea and Butternut Squash Cassoulet
Grilled Rump Steak with French Fries and BĂ©arnaise Sauce (£6.50 Supplement)
All served with a selection of Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables
* * * *
Traditional Christmas Pudding and Brandy Sauce
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream
Poached Pear with Chocolate Sauce
Selection of Cheese and Water Biscuits
* * * *
Freshly Filtered Coffee and Mince Pies 


Monday, 7 November 2016

Guy Fawkes run 2016

We were made very welcome at the Waggoners ( formerley Blackberries ) in Bampton at the start of this years Guy Fawkes run, sadly this was the last run of the year and I was pleased to see 20 riders turn up for the free coffee and a selection of lovely cakes which were made available for us. This run was mine to organise and lead and so I was very pleased to see that the weather was cool but dry all day. After a brief from myself, we all set off at 1100, well I say we all set off but actually a Rudge and a Velo decided they didn't want to play though Roys Velo did get going after being politely spoken to, course as I was leading, I had no knowledge of these happenings but Keith and Ian had to sort it out. Chris took some excellent photos which he has kindly put below but was suffering a bit with elbow troubles so didn't want to risk the ride. The route was out of Bampton on the Watchet road before turning off in Upton, a few more miles and turnings saw us arrive at the Bessom bridge where I stopped the ride so we could all have a great view of the lake. The route then was cross country to pick up the road to Timberscombe, this involves quite a steep downhill to the village itself on the valley floor. We then turned on to the Dunster road for a short while before turning off to Luccombe and then turn off and climb up to Dunkery where I paused again where we were able to great views of Wales and Hinkley. Unfortunately, it seems someone left their post at the turn up to Dunkery which meant that a few riders had an extra couple of miles before turning back to pick up the correct road. After Dunkery, it was just a few miles downhill to the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon cross where we were made very welcome as usual. The Guy Fawkes run has always been a half day but after our excellent meal, I offered to lead everyone back to South Molton over the lower moor, unfortunately, Rays Ariel decided to give up at Exford and he had to wait for pick up though he did manage to find his way into a house where he could drink loads of tea whilst waiting for the truck. Well folks we have had a better year for weather this year and have seen some excellent rides, the committee have chosen the rides for next year so we look forward to the next run starting in March. Thanks to the Waggoners and to the Rest and be Thankful and of course to Keith and Ian for bringing up the rear, don't forget to contact Keith for a place at the Christmas annual dinner, always a good function and as it's in the middle of the day you don't have to turn out at night, this year the section is subsidising this event again and the charge for the meal is only £14, hope to see you there folks.
gathering at the Waggoners

cool but sunny wow!

coffee and cakes on reflection!

A welcome at the Waggoners

what a lovely view

a pause at Dunkery with Wales behind

Hinkley is in the distance

why do we always gather at the loo!

Always a good venue

Photos of Guy Fawkes run, Bampton.

Here are some photos of club members leaving Blackberries at the start of the Guy Fawkes run.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Club night 20th Oct

This was expected to be a presentation by Darol Baker but unfortunately he rang Chris to say that he was stuck up in Gloucester with a car problem, however, when I mentioned this at Chris' request at our usual Wednesday meet, Ray immediately said that he would prepare a short talk on the bikes he has owned, then Steve also volunteered to give a presentation on his visit to Romania in 2015 on a charity run, the purpose of which mainly was to deliver a first response vehicle to the fire department of the village and to install fire alarms in private houses. Thanks are due to both Ray and Steve for stepping in providing informative and enjoyable presentations on the night, we of course still have Darols' talk to look forward to at a future date