Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fish and chips meet 22nd April 2017

What a busy and successful week for the Devon section!, firstly we had our evening ride on Monday to the Sportsmans Inn, ( see previous post for details ), then on Thursday we had our monthly meet where we were treated to a talk by Darol on the life, loves and motorcycles of T. E. Lawrence, thank you Darol, and finally last evening 26 riders their family members met for a fish and chip supper at the welcome fryer in South Molton where as usual we were well looked after and judging by the noise of conversation, I would say this event was very well enjoyed by all who came. Our next event will be the scrumpy run on the 14th May, could we have help please on the day to set up and marshal, any help for however long would be appreciated, contact Chris or Dermot if you can.
Chris let me get in a picture!

we pretty near fill the place

you're all there somewhere

everybody hungry

the spillover table again!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Evening meet 17th April 2017

The weather was very kind to us for this our first evening meet of 2017, tonights venue was the Sportsmans Inn at Sandyway on the edge of the moor, 9 riders made it to the pub from different parts of the county on a variety of machines, we were genuinely pleased to see that Dermot came on his Ariel after his unfortunate breakdown on the last run. The ride for us from Tiverton did mean riding almost due west for much of the way thus we were facing into the setting sun but this was a minor problem given such a lovely evening with great views on the way. Talk at the tables were the usual 'put the world to rights' subjects but also a mix of some tales from the past of a cautionary note. Ian had to leave early as he had brought his Norton without lights but it did sound great as he fired it up and set off on his way home. During our ride back to Tivvy over the lower moor, I saw a deer fairly close to the road watching us work our way to Withypool which was very quiet, very different from a day scene in the season height. As we dropped off the moor into Dulverton, the headlights just had to be on as it's mostly trees along the valley, in my mirrors it was easy to pick out the older bike as its headlight was far less bright.
Well now please don't
some happy motorcyclists at the Sportsmans

forget club night on Thursday where Daryl will give us a talk on Lawrence of Arabia, then on Saturday we have a fish and chips meet at the Welcome Fryer in South Molton at 7pm.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

April fools run 9th April 2017

It's clear that the Romans did not build the roads we went on today or if they did then they were inebriated at the time on Devon scrumpy!. 16 riders came to join Keith on his Spring run starting at the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon cross, on the way, we came across Dermot who was seen stripping the tank off his mount to see if he could find out why it had come to an abrupt stop, there appeared to be no sparks so he elected to remain with it and urged me to continue, on arrival at the pub, Cyril kindly agreed to ride back down the road to assist.
After a cuppa and a briefing from Keith we set off with Chris and myself doing back marker duties. Keith lead us out of Wheddon cross on the Taunton road for a while before turning off to Gupworthy, turns right and left saw us heading to Watchet, Wiveliscombe and Bampton before coming across the Lutrow Inn where we turned off towards Skilgate and Petton. Now after Petton and Clayhanger we came across the twists and turns which Keith had warned us about in his briefing, in fact there were quite a few sets of these, had we been going downhill at the time I would almost have thought we had strayed on to a downhill ski course!.Finally however we did safely make it to Uplowman and our lunch stop at the Redwoods Inn where we were well looked after.
The afternoon route was through Tiverton and out on the Rackenford road before turning off towards Creacombe and Meshaw for the run to our destination at the Quince honey farm. It remains for me to thank Keith for todays route, to Chris for taking the rear spot with me and to commiserate with Dermot who did return home ok and has found out why he had no spark, I did suggest he bought a Triumph for future club runs but he feels that would not be a good idea though I can't think why!.
Our next outing will be an evening meet April 17th at the Sportsmans Inn for 7pm, please support these evening trips as they are a chance for the people who can't always make a Sunday run, a chance to get a ride out.
the bikes wait patiently

good weather made the day

tha mass of cars have now left

our lunch stop

Monday, 13 March 2017

Spring run 12th March 2017

Despite the rain and drizzle at the start and forecast through the Morning, 16 riders turned up at the Corn Dolly for the first run of 2017 which was Richards first run as organiser and run leader. The Corn Dolly did us proud as usual with coffee and tea as we all assembled then we were outside for a briefing by Richard on the day ahead. Now here we had a situation where Maurice's Enfield decided it didn't fancy the rain and failed to start, Ian and I were doing tail end duties so we left Maurice with help to try to get going. We were led out of South Molton on the Rackenford road so far before turning off across country to emerge at Exbridge, here we turned left towards Minehead then turning off right we headed for what I thought was going to be a ride through the ford at Bury, this was missed however and we climbed up on the road to Timberscombe before dropping down to Wheddon Cross for lunch at our old favourite the Rest and be Thankful. A full menu is always available from soup to a full roast and all in the warm and dry. A few riders left at the lunch stop for personal reasons and I handed my red vest over to Chris as I wanted to race ahead to Withypool to get some photo's as the run came over the bridge. The afternoon saw Richard leading everyone left to Winsford and through the ford this time then on to Withypool where I managed to get some photo's, then it was over the lower moor and past the Sportsmans arms to North Molton, once through there it was a case of following the valley to the A361 link road which had to be crossed before arriving for another cuppa at the Corn Dolly. Thanks to Richard for the run, he asked how he did but I could only give him 9.5 out of 10 because everybody knows you should arrange good weather!, also thanks to Ian and Chris doing tail end charlies duties.
Now seriously we need you all to make an effort to come to the AGM this Thursday, we have to replace the secretary and the treasurer and some serious decisions have to be made for the future, don't say you don't agree with what is decided if you don't come, we have a good turn out at the runs so you obviously enjoy them so turn up and do your bit to make them continue.
The good old 'Corn Dolly'

some of the bikes just waiting

Withypool bridge

Richard in the lead

Roy watch the horses!

A dryer afternoon

When your 'real bike' wont start bring another

Not much traffic today chaps

the tail enders appear

Friday, 17 February 2017

Club night 16th Feb 2017

We were treated at this months club night with a presentation by one of our own, ( Steve ), on his acquisition on behalf of the charity 'community action Romania' of an ex Devon fire and rescue engine and how he, together with Gelvin , a fire fighter from Tiverton, acquired equipment from various sources to fully kit up the vehicle, service and prepare it then drive it across the continent through France, Germany and Austria to Romania a distance of some 1700 miles. Once on site, there were only 3 days to train the local firemen before they had to leave for the trip home, we learnt how to make a dam from 3 ladder parts and how to adapt the English standpipe connectors to the different sized local ones, a very interesting talk, thanks Steve and Gelvin. Now don't forget we are now near to our first run this year so meet at the Corn Dolly on Sunday March 12th for the Spring run starting at the usual 1100, hope you can make it.
I have an urgent request to make folks, due to medical reasons, Keith, our treasurer, has to give up the role he has so ably looked after and so we are seeking someone who can take his place, please have a chat with Dermot or Chris if you feel you can help out, without a treasurer we are in a fix.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Club night January 19th 2017

Our first club meeting this year got off to a good start as 15 people turned up to watch a film that I had managed to borrow off a neighbour of mine, he had received a copy of Enduro India from a friend who had taken part in this event in 2006, Something like 400 to 500 people worldwide show an interest each year to take part in this event but they have to gather a fairly large amount of sponsorship to take part which whittles the final figure down to around 100 to 150 riders. The organisers give a substantial amount of the sponsor money to the Rainbow trust and other local charities. Each rider is given the use of a Royal Enfield Bullet for the duration of the run and there are some amusing scenes where the right and left foot being 'the wrong way around' gives some tricky moments, one rider lost his bike over the side of a goodly drop when he desperately tried to brake with his gear lever. The poor roads, bad driving and 'Delhi belly' resulted in a challenging week, but all eventually got through including some lasses who met all the challenges equally. The scenery and meets with the 'locals' were well recorded along the way, one rider took a Polaroid camera with which he took pictures of local people, the amazement on their faces as the picture was developed showed us just how far they all appear to be behind our expectation with technology. At the end of the week, it was clear to see that some very firm friendships had formed and all had taken great pleasure having successfully battled through, it was for no reason that its called ENDURO India.
Don't miss next months club night when we shall have Steve telling us how he and others drove an old fire engine from Tiverton to Romania, that will be on Feb 16th.
Now whilst I have your attention can I ask for some help on the day of the Scrumpy run which this year is 14th May, North Devon District Council have specified a number of Marshals at this event, now the committee can marshal 5 but a further 3 are required, any assistance would be much appreciated, thank you.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Fish & Chips 080117

It was great to see a good turnout for this our first chance to meet up this year, 22 of our members gathered at the Welcome fryer in South Molton, there would have been more but Keiths wife Di broke two fingers whilst demonstrating to Keith how to exit the patio door 2017 style!, get well soon gal. The usual meaningful conversations took place and from what I saw a good time was had by all. I enclose a few photo's so that you can see where some of those extra pounds came from, now the first run of the year will be 12th March at the Corn Dolly and our next club night is Jan 19th where we shall see a film of some lucky? souls touring India on Enfields. It just remains to thank the Welcome Fryer staff who open especially for us and do a lovely meal.
What are you going to have?

Ian's 'pouring' over the menu

great change from Turkey