Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Evening meet 190617

getting ready to change pubs

pulling out 

I get a thumbs up

Enfield mounted today then

Mike guns the velo

Dermot on his Ariel

Roy opens up

we gather at an open pub

thought it might be Chris coming late

12 riders arrived at the Exeter Inn Chittlehamholt on Monday evening just as we have done for a few years now only to find that the pub does not now open on a Monday. The first 4 of us were met by a kindly neighbour who insisted on making us a cup of tea but he had only 5 cups so we had a discussion which resulted in a change of venue for the evening to the Bell at Chittlehampton. Decision made, 8 riders, who were not drinking tea, set off for the Bell, we four followed as soon as the tea could be drunk.There then followed a pleasant evening on the outside tables where the usual serious array of world correcting conversations took place. The only misshap of the evening occured when my petrol tank cap fell off in Chawleigh and despite four of us searching for 15 minutes it could not be found!. Next run will be the Girder run this Sunday from Rays place Cherry Garden Cottage, this run will be open to all bikes prior to 1960 as well as girders.

skittles evening 15th June 2017

Ray has submitted this write up of the skittles evening held at the Town Arms on the last club night in my absence, thanks Ray.

Eleven members turned up including three ladies, Rosemary, Sandy and Margaret.

Two team Captains were chosen, Dermot and Chris.

Richard provided cake for the interval enjoyed by all.

Chris scored the only spare of the evening, scoring 15.

Dermot had one score of 9.

Dermot and Margaret had the highest individual scores of 47 each.

A really enjoyable evening and the skittles match was won by Chris' team.

General opinion was that we should do it again sometime.

Monday, 12 June 2017

West Devon run 110617

Mike takes the money!

even mine!

the first bikes arrive

yes that's right it's Dermots Ariel!

Ah lunch time

and still the sun shines

and still they come

Grahams bike will be the leader today

19 riders arrived at Grahams today for the West Devon run, the start was to be at his house which is in Holwill Junction and his yard was well signposted from the road so we didn't miss it. The weather was dry and sunny with much of the same forecast for most of the day. Graham and his family kindly set us up with tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival for which we were grateful. The run started on time with a turn out on to the road to Hatherleigh but before long we were lead off this road on towards Sheepwash. Unfortunately, a little further on we came to a very narrow lane and there was a large pick up truck filling the lane and heading toward us, the driver reluctantly put his nearside wheel onto the grass on his side and then started waving us to pull over even closer to our side of the road whilst he kept coming. There was water and mud covering the verge on our side and as he passed me I ran onto the water which was hiding a chunk of missing road!, once my front wheel dropped into that my bike gently toppled over. Once upright, I found that my RHS footrest was pointing skyward and my mirror and indicator were broken so once I had marked the next junction I elected to return home. Now as I understand it, the run arrived at the lunch time venue without any further misshap, but when run set off again, only about 9 riders continued. Here I'm told there was an interesting sideshow put on once again by Dermot in that his crash helmet was seen bouncing across the road, after he had retrieved and put it back on, he found that he had lost sight of the run so set off 'in pursuit' but could not find them or Grahams place and so had to run home!, ( I am grateful to Dermot of course for giving me these interesting events to write about! ). It seems that Chris and Mike headed for home a little later so I imagine just 5 or 6 arrived back with Graham.
Thanks to Graham for leading the run, to his family for the refreshments and to Mike and John for doing back marker duties and for some of the photos. Now the next run will be an evening meet at Chittlehamholt on 19th June then a girder run on June 25th from Rays place Cherry garden cottage  in Tiverton, ( pre 60's bikes are also welcomed ).

Monday, 15 May 2017

Scrumpy run 14th May 2017

The weather was given as sunny with a few passing showers when we set off for the trip up to Ilfracombe on Sunday. On arrival, at Mullacott cross, we were greeted with one of these 'passing showers' which lasted until we had set up on the old pavilion site. Despite all the hard work by Chris and the committee, we only signed on 27 riders for the day, which was a disappointment, however, on the plus side, we had some offers of help from Roy, Sandy and Margaret for which we were very
The bikes line up

snaking through the valley of rocks

Richard admires the view

Keith snaps another rider enjoying himself

Ray negotiates 'the rocks'.

directed on to site by 'the hat'

Ray is pleased really!

Roy shares a joke with the Mayor

worth the long trip Brian

Where's Dermot?

The girders set up in their space

and the 'teles' look on

our one chair joins us
grateful. As the Dollys cafe had some difficulty opening up for us, Dermot sweet talked the Wetherspoons opposite and moved the sign on table there, after the usual initial display, the run moved off at 11.00 as usual.
Ray and I did a rear follow up and came across Maurice who was assisting with a carb rebuild then Ian waved us by having apparently come a cropper on his bike with a seized gearbox, I have since learnt that he has hurt his back and wrist in the incident so we all hope that heals soon. At the pub we were well looked after, tables being set aside and clearly marked out for us. The weather remained dry for the run back and the Mayor duly arrived for presentations which were to Ray for the oldest combined age of rider and bike, to Roy having been voted for by the riders on the day for the bike most liked to be taken home and finally to Brian being voted by the Mayor as his choice. Great day out folks, thanks to the committee as much work has to be undertaken for the run to take place and to the riders who observed the rules on the day, thanks to Keith who supplied some of the photos. Next ride will be the west Devon run on June 11th from Holwill Junction see you there folks.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Shock news part 2

Those who came to see Dermot's 750cc steed on Wednesday at the cabin, will likely have come with the impression that he had succumbed and purchased a 750cc Honda or similar, but no, he arrived astride a 1949 Nimbus thus sidestepping us all!. Good looking machine Dermot hope it does you proud.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Shock news 30th April 2017

Devon section members and readers of this blog-spot will have been long aware of our Chairman's stated aversion to all things multi-cylinder and particularly Triumph, well your editor has to report that following the considerable and ongoing problems with his single engined Ariel he was seen by me entering the cabin two weeks ago carrying a TRIUMPH book!, was he considering such a move we all wondered?, but no, he has written to inform me that he is hoping to avert some derision when he will be seen arriving at the cabin this Wednesday by informing us in advance that he has purchased  a 750cc OHC four cylinder steed of foreign manufacture which he has named 'Balthazar'. I am informed that said vehicle is over 25 years of age so we will see him with this motorcycle on club runs!....what news eh!. I hope this bike will give Dermot the reliability he is so looking forward to particularly as I understand he now has the pick up lorries on his speed dial!.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fish and chips meet 22nd April 2017

What a busy and successful week for the Devon section!, firstly we had our evening ride on Monday to the Sportsmans Inn, ( see previous post for details ), then on Thursday we had our monthly meet where we were treated to a talk by Darol on the life, loves and motorcycles of T. E. Lawrence, thank you Darol, and finally last evening 26 riders their family members met for a fish and chip supper at the welcome fryer in South Molton where as usual we were well looked after and judging by the noise of conversation, I would say this event was very well enjoyed by all who came. Our next event will be the scrumpy run on the 14th May, could we have help please on the day to set up and marshal, any help for however long would be appreciated, contact Chris or Dermot if you can.
Chris let me get in a picture!

we pretty near fill the place

you're all there somewhere

everybody hungry

the spillover table again!